Anxiety Counseling


Anxiety feels like a trap that robs you of your joy and happiness. No one but you knows how anxiety has stolen parts of your life from you. It rules you.  As a result it causes you to miss out on spending time with friends and family. Similarly it robs you of the ability to have fun. Anxiety counseling will help you get your life back.

No one feels the dread, the fear, or hears the anxious thoughts you have. You feel your heart beating and you just want to hide. They just don’t understand how anxiety and panic make you feel lost and alone.

At first it was hard for you to realize really how bad it has become. Then you began to notice how the anxiety slowly snuck up on you. Feeling normal again and not worrying about everything so much seems so far away. Meanwhile you’re desperately trying to find a way to get out of your mind. 


Do you find yourself having some of these anxious thoughts?

I’m worried about something most of the time.

I always feel on edge and get frustrated easy.

Why am I laying here so long and not falling asleep?

Why do I always make a big deal out of little things? 

Every day feels like a battle. 

Why can’t I get rid of this uneasy feeling?

The racing thoughts don’t end.

I’m always wondering what people think about me.

Common anxiety symptoms

Mental symptoms of anxiety: Racing thoughts, overthinking your decision making, difficulty concentrating, lacking a sense of control or safety, difficulty being able to get back to sleep

Physical symptoms of anxiety: Racing heart, sweaty palms, headaches, stomach aches, increased blood pressure, shallow or rapid breathing, feeling restless or tense, feeling weak or tired, difficulty sleeping, increased or decreased appetite

Social symptoms of anxiety: Losing friends, not wanting to spend time with friends and do fun things anymore, constantly overthinking social interactions, it interferes with work, can cause excessive alcohol or drug use, fears of being judged, worrying about saying or doing something embarrassing, feeling awkward or inferior around others.

What is anxiety therapy?

Therapy for anxiety isn’t as complicated as you might think.  Even though you think your anxiety will be around forever, it won’t.  Great Lakes Wellness Counseling and our team of Jenison anxiety counseling and therapy experts will help you. As a result the worrying will reduce. Thoughts will be challenged. After that growth will begin and gains made.  Fears will be addressed and you’ll see your anxiety reduce. Most importantly the relief you want will happen!

I want relief from anxiety!

Today is the day you decide to take control of your life back.

You’re choosing to no longer live in fear. You want to experience relief, peace, and a sense calm again.

Racing thoughts will slow down.  You’ll be able to focus more.

Confidence in yourself will come back and the worrying will fade away.

No more constant criticism of yourself/

Sleep will be more restful.

What are you waiting for?  Now is the time!