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Christian Counseling

Christian therapy and counseling in Jenison MI

We offer hope, healing, and change from a Christian perspective.

Living as a Christian right now is hard. Uncertainty. Hate. Persecution. Our culture is out of control. Hope is hard to find. We feel lost sometimes. Where’s God in all of this? Perhaps God is doing something in your life. Maybe you are unable to explain what is going on. But, at the end of the day it overwhelming. However, you may need support and clarity found in Christian counseling.

For instance, anxiety may be getting the best of you. Depression is keeping you from living the life you want. Relationships you want are missing love and they hurt. Social media and technology bombard your life daily. Work is causing more stress than you can handle. Is God working in your life?

Most importantly we know your mental health and spiritual health need expert care. Various counselors at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling can offer you Christian therapy and the spiritual care you want. This help is given to individuals, couples, and families who want the Christian perspective as part of their counseling.

open hand offering the hope and healing from Christian Counseling in Jenison MI by Great Lakes Wellness Counseling

Is Christian counseling for me?

In many ways, Christian therapy is very similar to secular counseling. However, faith based counseling incorporates Christian theology and psychology. Biblical truths, wisdom, scripture, and sometimes prayer is used. but, it also uses theories and techniques found in psychology. Therapy can help Christians grow closer to God and live in healthy ways with others. Most importantly, it is a place and space where the living water Jesus talks about is given to you. In short it brings rest, hope, healing, and love for those who seek it.

What is Christian counseling?

At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling, faith based counseling is similar to secular counseling. First, those seeking counseling usually tell us about a struggle, problem, or life question. After that, we create a treatment plan. Thirdly we develop goals for therapy. During your therapy appointments you and your counselor work to solve the problem or answer the life questions you have.

We believe the focus in session on our one true Hope helps us all find peace and joy found in Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Christian therapy with our counseling in Jenison appointments may include prayer. Alternatively, scripture (the Bible) may be used. Additionally you may have discussions about how Faith interacts with your life.

Man raising hands in victroy from experiencing hope and healing from Christian Counseling in Jenison MI offered by Great Lakes Wellness Counseling

Is Christian counseling effective?

Yes! Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Christian therapy experts are licensed by the State of Michigan. They all use evidenced based practices. In fact research shows positive out comes when you combine spiritual beliefs and psychology. 

Christian therapy helps you find relief from anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship problems, communication, sexual intimacy, and more. Therapy with a Christian provider offers valuable insights and healing. Our clinicians provide grace and space for you to explore your faith in ways that are meaningful to you.

Above all we know the Christian faith is a journey. We will meet you where you’re at. There’s no judgment . Whether you are a life long Christian, a new Christian or even a doubting Christian; there’s no judgement. However, if you’re not a Christian, this kind of therapy may not be for you. Subsequently we offer regular counseling using a neutral psychological perspective.