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Counseling for Men - Therapists in Jenison

Should a man see a therapist?

Most guys run into a problem they can’t solve. You might talk to a friend about but nothing changes. If you’re reading this you’re at that point. You know what I’m talking about. The challenges and frustrations aren’t getting better. You feel stuck. Our Counseling for Men Therapists – Jenison can help you get unstuck today.

What happens when I meet with a men's therapy expert?

Sometimes a guy needs to talk to another guy. There’s things only another guy will understand.

Counseling for men is a great tool that can help you solve problems, achieve goals, improve communication, and teach you how to keep your stress levels in check. 

To sum it up counseling for men can help you live a happier, healthier life.

First, we will find a time to meet. At that first meeting we talk about what you want out of counseling.

Second, we will create some goals and a plan to accomplish your goals.

Then we will continue meeting, focusing on ways to help you figure out and fix things head on in as short amount of time as you need.

During your Jenison men’s counseling appointments you will be listened to. You will be challenged. New ideas and ways of living will be discovered. You can say what you want without being judged or blamed for it.

It’s just two people having an honest, open, real conversation about real life and how you want it to be better.

Why should I talk with a men's counseling expert?

 We get it, you probably think have to have it all together. When men have problems they tend to stuff them until they explode into a huge mess. We think ‘I can do this on my own.’ You can for a while but eventually you’re gonna wear yourself out. It takes strength to admit you need help.

Going to counseling is no different than going to the gym or the doctor. It’s not about what’s wrong but about what you want to improve. There’s only so much of that you can do on your own.

Counseling is an opportunity for change. A men’s therapist can help you understand and manage parts of your life where you need encouragement, guidance, coaching; not a fix. 

How can counseling for men help me?

As experts in men’s mental health, there’s a good change we’ve helped another guy with the same things you’re struggling with. In other words, it’s ok to ask for help. Need some convincing?

First of all, you are not the only guy considering going to counseling. There’s a huge need for it. Remember, we shoot strait with you and will not waste your time.  Below are some of the benefits of counseling.

Solutions to problems.

More satisfying relationships (your wife, family, friends).

Answers to questions you don’t want to ask anyone else but us.

Freedom from anger.

Increased confidence.

Feelings of peace and contentment.

I'm ready to improve my mental health. What's next?

Well, you can’t really get results without starting right? You’ve got to schedule an appointment. We make it really easy to do so. If you email us or call us, a living breathing person will get back to you within 24 hours or less.

To start making your life better. To get the results you’re looking for. To just feel better about things… Click on the ‘Get Started’ button below.