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You want your marriage to work.

You wish your relationship was better.

Where did my “happily ever after” go?


It seems like we’re drifting further and further apart as each day passes. It’s like we’re roommates.


We used to talk for hours, go on dates, holding hands. Now we just sit around hardly talking or doing anything.


Before, it was like we were in sync with one another. Everything went pretty smoothly. Now we have different ideas and priorities. It’s like I’m married to a totally different person. We argue a lot, like all the time, and it needs to stop.


Having kids changed everything. We don’t agree on how to parent our kids. Our kids are out of control.


Sex. What’s that?! We used to enjoy it. Our sex life used to be great. One of us wants it more than the other. It’s just changed over time and we don’t know why.


Our finances are a mess and we don’t agree on how to manage our money.


We don’t have any major issues but we need to improve our communication. We’re tired of arguing and just want to be able to listen to and understand one another better.


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You already know relationships have ups and downs. Chances are you’re experiencing one of those down moments right now. You’ve reached the point where enough is enough and you want a change. If you and your partner want to experience the most impact in your relationship, research says the earlier you start with couples counseling the more positive outcomes you’ll experience from it. Don’t delay in getting help!

Whether you’ve been together a few months or longer than you can remember. Your relationship with your spouse or partner should be an incredibly positive force in your life.  Within this relationship, you should be feeling safe, loved, and listened to. Couples sometimes overlook issues which can hurt them in the long run if it’s not taken care of now. Don’t let the problems, big or small, or your willingness to get help prevent you from having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Some of you reading this might be wondering… Is it too late for marriage counseling? Sadly, many couples come in when it’s too late. Years and years of damage has been done and it can’t be saved. This doesn’t have to be you! Yes, it’s true you can’t turn back time. Most of you reading this can rebuild your relationship for the better.


Image of a couple relaxing and smiling together on an outdoor sofa. Representing the benefits of getting marriage counseling and couples counseling in Grand Rapids, MI. A marriage counselor can help you find joy in your relationship again.

Will couples counseling help?


Yes, it will help! We understand many of you have been hurt, frustrated, and are tired of trying. That makes sense. However, research shows that some forms of marriage counseling have a success rate at or above 75%. If you are your partner are ready to do the work, ready to dedicate your selves to the time needed, you will find success!

How does marriage counseling work?

One of the biggest ways couples counseling helps is by encouraging and guiding couples through using helpful communication patterns. Our team of couples and marriage counselors will really help you learn how to listen to your spouse and be listened to.  Most of the time your relationship problems can be helped when we look at them differently. We believe unhealthy patterns in relationships are usually attempts to meet a healthy need in an unhealthy way. The marriage counseling experts at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling help couples identify their needs and help coach them on how to really communicate, actually listen to one another, and be understood. It is an interactive process though. Don’t just think you can sit there and do nothing. *wink wink*


What to expect at your first couples/marriage counseling session?

Here are some tips for the first couples counseling session

  • You won’t solve all your problems in one session.
  • You’ll have a chance to share the “Story of Us”
  • Establish when and how often you will meet.
  • Get informed on counseling ground rules, boundaries, and confidentiality
  • Begin to address the relationship problem points
  • Establish goals for how you want your relationship to be different.

What happens in marriage counseling?

Things to expect in couples counseling

  • Most of your sessions will be together with you, your partner, and the therapist.
  • Sometimes you may have a “vent session,” where it will be just you and the marriage counselor. It’s not to keep secrets but just to talk without having to filter what you say.
  • You’ll talk about and explore your current difficulties.
  • You get ongoing feedback as you work on your couples counseling goals.
  • Explore different communication patterns and learn new ways of relating.
  • Expect to participate…you can’t just sit there and say nothing.

When does couples counseling not work?

Common reasons marriage counseling is not appropriate

  • Characterological domestic violence is present…however Situational domestic violence can be helped in couples therapy.
  • If all you want to do is point fingers.
  • You’re just “checking a box” because you’ve already decided to divorce or end the relationship.
  • You’re not willing to put the time, money, and effort in. (No offense but don’t waste your time, your money, and our time if you both do not want to be there.)
  • You view each other as enemies rather than allies.
  • You both need individual counseling first.

What are the results of couples & marriage counseling?


It’s not uncommon for couples to experience and express love, affection, understanding, gratitude, and kindness toward one another in marriage counseling sessions. You’ll find that you want to spend more time with one another. You will feel more listened to. You’ll actually want to be around one another. The amount of conflict is reduced. If conflict shows up you’ll be confident in controlling it. The amount of sex you have or the quality of your sex life increases. Life dreams and goals may be accomplished sooner than expected. Parenting will be smoother. You’ll feel less alone. And, that “happily ever after” will be more of a reality than a dream.

Image of a couple meeting with a couples therapist in Grand Rapids, MI. Representing what you can expect from marriage counseling and couples therapy in Jenison, Michigan.

I’m ready to begin couples or marriage counseling in Grand Rapids, MI!

Working with a marriage counselor can strengthen your relationship. It will help you and your partner meet healthy needs in a healthy way. If you’re ready to start working toward a relationship filled with love, intimacy, and connection follow these steps:

  1. Reach out for a free 15-minute consultation with one of our caring couples therapists.
  2. Schedule your first appointment at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling.
  3. Build or regain the relationship that you and your partner deserve
Image of two partner embracing and smiling. Showing the connection that can build when you invest in your relationship through couples and marriage counseling. If you want to get to this place in your relationship a marriage counseling in Grand Rapids, MI can help!

Other Therapy Services We Offer Near Grand Rapids, MI

Our caring team of therapists offers other forms of therapy besides marriage counseling. When you work with us the pressure is lifted off your shoulders. You feel happy, confident, and like yourself again. The changes you make work! Some of the specialties that we offer include Individual Counseling, Teen Therapy, and Grief Counseling. This includes Anxiety Treatment, Christian Counseling,  Therapy for Men, and Therapy For Women.

These services are available both in-person in Jenison, MI, and online throughout Michigan.