Child Therapy Builds a Healthy Foundation - Therapy in Jenison

Child Therapy helps your child with a fulfilling life.

At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Jenison Child Therapy we believe children, just like adult, can benefit from meeting with a caring mental health professional. As a parent, our child’s well-being and happiness is a priority to us. We spend hours taking them to and from school functions, sporting events, friends houses, trips to the beach or park – you name it.

Even though we see lots of growth on the outside, we tend to forget about how they’re growing on the inside and all the work it takes to create, maintain, and grow their emotional health. 

Even if your child seems happy-go-lucky there’s still a lot a counselor can help them learn and understand about themselves. When they do they will be equipped for the present and any future challenges that may show up in their lives.

What do you observe about your child?

Does your child’s have difficulty making friends? Are they always fighting with you or other family members? Maybe you have to go to yet another meeting at school about how your child is not doing well there. 

Is your child quiet and doesn’t talk with you and interact with you like they used to? Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in your child’s moodiness or they’re withdrawing from things they enjoyed doing before.

While it may be difficult to face these things about your child know that Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Jenison Child Therapy has your back. We get it. We are here for you and your child. The earlier you start working on these things the better! 

What happens in child therapy?

At your first appointment we will meet with you and your child or children to get to know all of you.  

Then, over the next two or three appointments, an individualized treatment plan will be developed.  

After that the work begins on what is going in their minds, hearts, and lives. 

At each visit, depending on your individual needs, we may meet individually with your child, both of you, or just you. Appointments may involve play therapy, art therapy, or talk therapy. Your child may learn relaxation or breathing techniques. They also may learn coping skills or new ways to get along with others. Maybe you both practice telling one another how you feel and what you need. No two children are the same, so the process may look a little different for each person.

Even though the process of opening up and getting to know what’s really going on may seem impossible, the child therapy experts at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Jenison Child Therapy are skilled in counseling and communication techniques. Their soft and gentle approach makes your child feel safe and comfortable. They also understand you and the needs and feelings you have as you’ve been doing everything you can for the child you love.

Why choose Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Jenison Child Therapy?

Our child therapy experts love working with kids! You’ll see the difference right away because of their desire to see your son or daughter’s life be happier and more fulfilling.  

We make it easy for you and your child. We accept major insurance providers. In most cases we have flexible appointment times (even Saturdays) within the same week if not within a day or two.