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Meet Ashley

Ashley Rijfkogel, LPC is an expert teen therapy, trauma therapy, and therapy for women counselor. She’s passionate about helping others gain insight and develop real solutions for a happier and healthier life.


You’re frustrated. They’re angry all the time.  There’s no such thing as a normal conversation anymore. Poor choices and moodiness have taken over. Grades may be slipping. They won’t talk to you, or, if they do it’s an argument, tears, a slammed door, or their phone is in their face non-stop. Maybe they’re hurting themselves or isolating themselves from everyone. 

It’s rough. It hurts. I get it. I was one of those teens once.  

Thankfully I was able to meet with a teen therapy expert who shared life with me. They helped guide me as only a counseling expert could. It was hard at first for all of us. After a while though, I began to manage my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a healthy way. I had to make some tough choices but it got better!


You didn’t think it would happen to you. Now, all you see and hear are reminders of what happened. You try to start each day over but things from the past creep into your life and won’t go away.  You have trouble thinking straight. You don’t do what you used to. People just don’t get it. When is the last time you remember waking up well rested? Do you remember the last time you weren’t worrying?   

You feel numb. Hope for the future seems distant. You avoid people and places you used to enjoy. You’re easily angered and this sense of shame and guilt don’t go away.

Lets work together to restore your emotional, relational, and physical health. Together we’ll work through and sort out all those mixed feelings and emotions. 

Trauma therapy gives me the opportunity to help survivors just like you. As we work together you will begin to retell your story. You’ll begin to feel safe and less isolated. You’ll enjoy life again.


Life hasn’t turned out how you hoped it would. On the outside you’re all smiles, but when you’re by yourself it’s nothing but tears.  Life has become incredibly hard.  Each day you put yourself together but on the inside you’re falling apart. 

You say ‘yes’ to everyone but not to you. You want to be loved, fully known and wholly accepted for you, not for who others want you to be. Lets redefine your life and fill it with hope and peace.

Living with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule is exhausting.  Anger, guilt, shame, and hanging onto unhealthy ways of living will overwhelm your soul.

The truth is you deserve a break. Deep down you know you need it.  You want to live a joyful, connected, and empowered life once again.  



I offer a safe space to talk about life’s challenges and struggles. During our counseling sessions you and I will figure out new and hope filled ways of relating to others. We’ll talk about and learn to use healthy boundaries. We will identify unhealthy thinking patterns. We will develop a plan of action that is unique to you.

Some people I work with would like Christian counseling views and beliefs incorporated in their time with me. I can incorporate that world view in my work with you if you would like that.  If you do not, I want you to know I am respectful of everyone’s views, beliefs, and philosophies.

A little bit about me. I love spending time with my family of three; my husband, little boy, and our dog. I received a Bachelors degree in Christian Leadership from Northpoint Bible College. I received my Masters Degree from Cornerstone University where I specialized in trauma counseling. I primarily work with teens, women, and adults who have experienced trauma. However, I can and do help others facing other concerns and challenges.