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Bradley Stalker, LLPC

Great Lakes Wellness Counseling – Couples Counseling & Addictions Counseling,

Career Counseling Expert

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Hello! I’m Bradley Stalker LLPC

Couples Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Career Counseling

Bradley Stalker LLPC is the Jenison MI couples counseling expert at Great lakes Wellness Counseling offering hope and healing through marriage counseling. He provides help for those struggling with addictions. He also enjoys helping adults of all ages through career counseling as they search for meaningful and fulfilling careers.

I provide marriage counseling, career counseling, and addiction counseling.

We all have some fears and look for answers to questions we struggling with.

  • My relationship is in a rough spot. It’s not like it used to be. Does marriage counseling work?
  • I feel stuck at work. I’ve got no idea what to do with my career. Maybe I need career counseling?
  • I need some addiction help. It’s wrecking my life. How can addiction therapy help?
  • My anxiety is driving me crazy! I’m tired of feeling depressed. When will it stop?
  • I have things thing to talk about that’s a little embarassing or taboo. Can I talk about this with someone

If there are answers, how do I find them?

As you’re considering to schedule a therapy session, be encouraged! Professional counseling is a space to think and talk about things when you’re not sure what to do. I understand you may be struggling with making “the right” decision. It takes courage and energy to motivate yourself. I understand the hesitation or daze for days (pun intended!) when it comes to seeking counseling in Jenison MI. As a recovering perfectionist it took time and work to find my answers. I had to be open to the guidance from therapists and other select experts I worked with. I was able to obtain perspective, focus, and encouragement that there is a way to a better life. I hope to offer that to you. I want to help you be happier, experience more peace, joy, and satisfaction in life.

What specific ways can I help you?

First, it’s important for you to know who I work with. In couples counseling I help those who have marriage problems: communication problems, parenting problems, problems with sex and intimacy, difficulty managing conflict etc. Second, I provide career counseling for those are choosing, changing, or leaving their career. Career counseling for adults can also help working professionals excel in their job and career. Third, I offer addiction treatment. The addiction help I offer provides and space and place for those who may be struggling many forms of addiction such as: drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sexual addictions, pornography addiction, or even addiction to phones and technology. Lastly, I also offer anxiety counseling and counseling for depression which may be part of the marriage problems, career difficulties, or part of the cycle of addiction.

My approach to counseling and working with you.

I am know for my calm demeanor and the ability to empathize and listen well to others. Each person I work with is valued as an individual. You’re unique and valued for that. Therefore, together we will create and individually taylored plan to help you succeed in the areas we work on together. I take a holistic approach of the whole person, considering all the aspects of who you are. As a recovering perfectionist, I also don’t miss out on the details in the information you provide and use that to help really define problems you’re having and clarify goals we work on together.

Sometimes we all need an extra set of ears and eyes on a situation. Some folks just need an outside perspective. Still yet others my just need brief help solving a problem or someone to just listen. There’s no judgment with me either.

Having a wide range of life experience, being husband and father of 5 kids, has enabled me to identify with many of the struggles you may be facing today. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, I’m willing to come along side you to figure out what works for you. Let’s take that first step together. Click here to get started.

Other Jenison MI counseling services I provide.

As a trained mental health professional I also offer Online Therapy, Anxiety CounselingIndividual Counseling for adults, Couples Counseling, Counseling for Men, and Depression Counseling.

A little more about Bradley Stalker, LLPC.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University. He also has a MA in Counseling from Spring Arbor University. He has previously worked in the business sector with employee recruitment as well as providing career counseling,

When he is not in the office he loves activities regarding coffee, chess, outdoors, philosophical topics, and spending time with his wife and 5 children!


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