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Joshua Evans, LMSW

Great Lakes Wellness Counseling – Grief Counseling Expert

Joshua Evans LMSW grief counselor

Hello! I’m Joshua Evans LMSW

Grief Counseling Expert

Joshua Evans LMSW is the Jenison MI grief counseling expert at Great lakes Wellness Counseling. He loves how words have meaning and help us frame out how we view the world. He wants you to find the peace in your life you want. He helps others communicate clearly so they feel loved and listened to and in control of their lives again.

I provide counseling and therapy for adults, couples, and teens

I know that grief and loss hurt.

Grief is such a difficult topic on so many levels. It’s hard to talk about. Sometimes it can be confusing. There are times you may feel numb. Then there’s other days where it feels like normal again. But then you see that picture. You remember that fun time. You smell that shirt or perfume. You hear that laugh or walk into that room, Many of us feel uncomfortable to talking about grief because we don’t know how. It’s like we’re all told to take your two or three days off from work, then put yourself back together again and get back to it. We’re expected to suck it up and be done with it. Well it doesn’t work that way does it.

I want you to know that you don’t have to face and work through feelings of deep loss, intense sadness and uncertainty about how to feel better alone. First, I want to know that we all experience grief in unique and different ways. Your story is unique and important. Second, I want you know that you’re not alone. You don’t have to grieve alone. Thirdly, I want you to know I’ve experienced a lot of the feelings you’re feeling right now. Some of them make sense and some of them are confusing. 

It’s OK to not feel OK right now.

I know the tears you’ve shed over your still born child. I too have cried those tears. The anger, hurt, frustration, and confusion of a miscarriage overwhelmed me too. I’ve lost a parent; my family member die from Covid. The unbearable pain of losing a living child is just plain awful. People expect to lose loved ones in their lives. But, the unexpected loss of a parent is always something someone knows may happen. When it does happen earlier than expected, we forget there are so many challenges that come after.

I also have experienced the struggles and stress and loss that comes with a divorce. How do I explain this to my kids? Where am I supposed to live. Should I get a different job? When will I meet someone again? I had all these friends before and now I feel alone. I’m so tired of dealing with my ex.

I want you to feel understood, less alone, and able to face each day with hope!

Grief and loss can be raw and ugly. It’s ok to not be strong and resilient. The pain of loss while still having hope for the future without your loved one, without what your family used to be like is hard. I want to help you build yourself back up again. To have the emotional strength to deal with the trials you face day to day.

Other ways I can help…

Maybe grief is not the reason you’re looking for counseling. As a trained mental health professional I also offer Blended Family Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Couples Counseling, Christian Counseling, Depression CounselingCounseling for Men, Teen Counseling

Josh earned his BA in psychology from Michigan State University in 2004, completed his Masters in Education Counseling from Grand Valley in 2007, and then my Masters in Social Work from Western Michigan University in 2014. He has experience in supporting the mental health care of adults and children, those involved in hospice care, and the Emergency Department settings. All of these experiences have given him the knowledge and experiences he hopes to bring to each person supports at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling.

He loves to spend tie with his kids and family. He enjoys being outdoors and spending time hunting and gardening.

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