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Meet Julia

Julia Williams, LPC is a marriage counseling expert. She’s passionate about helping couples find peace, communicate better and feel loved again.

You want your marriage or relationship to be better.

Love and happiness has been fading.

You feel lonely. You want to be loved.

There’s no such thing as a normal conversation anymore because it always lead to a fight. You’re tired of all the awful things you hear and say. It’s rough. It hurts. You don’t talk for days.  Nothing gets solved. You end up walking on eggshells.

Where did the peace, the laughter, the romance go? Fights replay in  your head all day long. There’s a lack of understanding and so much overwhelm you don’t know what to do.

Perhaps you’re just lost and don’t feel close like you used to. Maybe something’s off but you just don’t know what it is. It feels like you’re living with a roommate.

All you want is to be loved again.

You want that happily ever after!

My name is Julia Williams and I’m a marriage counseling expert at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling and I can help!

The first steps toward healing can be scary but once you commit to a happier and healthier relationship things begin to change. As a professional couples counselor I get it.

It’s OK to be nervous. It’s OK to wonder if couples therapy will work. Change is hard. But, the investment in  your marriage is worth it!

Many couples who have worked with me have successfully worked through some of the most common marriage problems listed below:

Communication… Sex… Money problems… Affairs… Struggles with home chores… Parenting problems… Not making your relationship a priority… Conflict… Infertility & Miscarriages… Trust issues… Unrealistic expectations… Daily life stress… Career/work stress… Unbearable habits… Maintaining work-life balance…Technology Issues… Difficulty managing anger and emotions…

So when we work together what happens?

First, we will spend a few appointments together so I can learn about your relationship and the changes you want or need to make. During this time I’ll learn about what makes your relationship great and what makes it challenging.

Then we’ll develop a plan for what your relationship needs. This is done collaboratively and really puts the marriage at the center of our counseling. Most of the time we’ll meet together. On occasion, we may meet individually.

Sometimes marriage counseling can be tough. Difficult feelings are shared. Tears, hurt, and raw emotions are expressed. At times it may seem like it’s getting worse before it gets better. Trust the process though. It really does work!

Marriage counseling will help create a space and place for you to learn effective communication methods that really do work. You’ll learn how to feel connected again. Sometimes we’ll work through past hurts and betrayals. There will be times dedicated specifically to practicing listening skills, demonstrating empathy, or even learning new ways to have fun together. Other times you’ll be guided on how to share how you feel without attacking or blaming one another. You’ll learn how to compromise with and you’ll both walk away feeling like winners. Sometimes you’ll be given homework assignments to put what you learn into practice. We’ll laugh and have fun too!

Most importantly marriage counseling requires a genuine desire and effort to make the best of your couples therapy sessions. The most success happens when you’re both willing and able to put in the work, time, finances, and energy.

Are you ready to have the relationship you want?

The dream about a life and marriage you’ve always wanted can come true!

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Other ways I can help.

Although my main focus is marriage counseling and couples counseling , I also meet with clients seeking anxiety counseling, Christian counseling, depression counseling, teen’s counseling, and women’s counseling.

I am certified provider of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for mental health problems. As a DBT counselor I help those who have difficulty with emotional regulation or those who are exhibiting self-destructive behaviors. I am a certified Grief therapist, and a certified trauma counselor.

I have a BA in Behavioral Psychology, a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and am near completion of a doctoral degree (PhD) in Biblical Counseling from the International Theological Seminary. Work experiences that inform my practice include psychiatric in-patient, outpatient, and residential settings. I have also provided home-based therapy services.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends. I also enjoy going to plays and listening to live jazz music.