Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Grandville counseling, Julie Gallivan LLPC

Meet Julie

Julie Gallivan LLPC, HS-BCP is a therapy for children  counseling for teens expert.  She also provides trauma informed care.  As a parent of biological and adopted children, she is uniquely qualified as an adoption counselor who can provide guidance and counseling for those whose lives have been touched by adoption

You want to live life according to the story and a picture you have in your mind,  it’s also not turning out how you hoped it would.

Grandville counseling expert Julie Gallivan at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling

Maybe you feel stuck and you’re unable to move forward.  As a result you feel overwhelmed, burdened, and just don’t have anything left to give anymore.

You are fighting in your relationships. It seems like your health, career, and life is being disrupted.

Maybe you feel like giving up. Perhaps life seems blurry all the time.

The truth is you deserve to be filled with hope and healed relationships. To live a joyful, connected, and empowered life once again.

I know what it’s like to feel uncertain about what’s next because I’ve dedicated my life to helping people who feel stuck and afraid.

You deserve to tell your story.

I help and journey alongside others by providing

  • counseling for children (4-7), tweens (8-12) and their families

  • women’s counseling and therapy services

  • trauma counseling

  • adoption counseling

  • domestic violence counseling

  • addiction counseling

  • anxiety counseling

Our work together will follow 4 easy steps:

1. I’ll simply listen to you and ask you to share your story with me.

2. Then, we will figure out any problematic relationships, thinking, or behaviors.

3. We will begin to rewrite your story, filling it with hope and wholeness.

4. We’ll help you see life with clarity, to become energized, peaceful, and create a path to get there.

Are you ready to take the next step and create your new story?