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Nathan Hansen, LPC

Great Lakes Wellness Counseling – Owner & Founder

Joshua Evans LMSW grief counselor

Hello! I’m Nathan Hansen, LPC.

Marriage Counseling, Men’s Counseling, Counseling for Adults

Nathan Hansen LPC started Great Lakes Wellness Counseling to provide real solutions for those seeking to change their lives for the better working with an expert who cares. He loves working with couples who need help communicating better, folks who are anxious and get stuck in their heads, and uncluttering the busy minds of working professionals and entrepreneurs.

I provide counseling and therapy for adults, marriage counseling, and counseling for working professionals and entrepreneurs.

Your life is not how you want it to be right now.

The same problem has been bugging you and you can’t seem to figure out how to fix it.

You’re stuck. Life has been frustrating and you are just tired of it.

Wasted time…pointless arguments…worrying about stuff you know you shouldn’t…maybe you just need to press pause on life and figure some stuff out.

But there’s just something is missing isn’t it? Maybe it’s that nudge or that conversation you had with someone who suggested counseling. You’re not sure but hey, it’s time. Either they’re right or you’re finally ready for change.

You’re ready to get help!

It’s time to take things back in your control again. You can have it but you just need some help to get you there.

You want to be loved and listened to. The worrying, anxiousness, and second guessing yourself needs to stop so the confidence and peace in life can return.

Our therapy sessions together can help you. Are you ready?

Talking with an expert like me can provide that missing something.

 I’ve always been interested in trying to figure out why people do what they do and what they need to do to live the life they want. I offer a place for you to be you without having to worry about it. A place for you to say whatever you need to and know that you’ll be listened to, understood, and accepted.

I’m trained in and provide professional counseling from a neutral psychological perspective. However, as a Christian, I can incorporate the Christian worldview into the counseling sessions if you request it. If you don’t that’s fine too. Everyone I work with gets the same, and equal, amount of expert care I provide. Period.

I want you to feel understood, less alone, and face your day with hope!

My life wasn’t what I expected it to be. As they say, I’ve experienced a lot of life which allows me to relate on real levels with people just like you I help. I had parents who divorced. I too have had family members that drove me nuts or really hurt me. At one time I even experienced homelessness. I’ve been part of different blended families. I’ve been anxious and found myself depressed too. I’ve felt the pressures and excitement of starting a business. I’m a husband and father.

Other ways I can help…

As a trained mental health professional I also offer Anxiety CounselingChristian Counseling, Counseling for Women, and other specialty areas you can find here.

A little more about me…

When I’m not at the office I spend time with my wife, two children, family and friends. I nerd out on things like building cigar box guitars, a consulting business, and this website. I run to clear my mind and help manage stress. I really enjoy pickle ball and I try to golf. I enjoy hunting and have been brewing beer at home for over a decade. I’m always learning about something new. I’m a bit of a coffee snob too.

The boring education stuff… I earned my BA in Social Work from Hope College in 2001 and completed my Masters in Counseling from Cornerstone University in 2010. I have both breadth and depth in my professional experiences helping others. I’ve worked in mental health care for over 17 years. I provided medical care working in Emergency Room and Urgent Care settings for over 10 years. I was able to offer leadership and direction in higher education and K-12 settings over 11 years. All of these experiences have given me the knowledge and experience to provide holistic, whole person care holistic that’s characterized by hope as I support and journeys with each person I encounter at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling

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