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Nicholas Melville, LLPC

Great Lakes Wellness Counseling – Depression Therapy Expert

Hello! I’m Nick

Depression Counseling Expert

Nicholas Melville LLPC is the Jenison MI depression counseling expert at Great lakes Wellness Counseling. He loves how words have meaning and help us frame out how we view the world. He wants you to find the peace in your life you want. He helps others communicate clearly so they feel loved and listened to and in control of their lives again.

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

I’ve been depressed. I’ve been where you are.

Some days it feels like you’re carrying the mountains you are supposed to be climbing. It’s hard to escape it. First you get tired. Then you find yourself emotionally worn out. After trying and trying you just give up. That’s when you noticed you stopped caring. I tried really hard to keep putting on that fake smile. When people asked me how I was doing I tried to believe what I told them, ‘Hey I’m doing good!’ Furthest thing from the truth right? You know that voice… that critical, negative, and angry voice. The one that doesn’t stop. Yah, it took over. I grabbed a hold of that depression and rode that spiral down to a deep dark place.

Then one day I hit rock bottom.

You keep putting pressure on yourself to figure out why. Why won’t it go away? Why do I always feel this way? Why does it feel like I’m the only one dealing with this. It was overwhelming for me too. Some days it’s like you’re losing no matter how hard you fight it. Everything is moving in slow motion and everyone around you doesn’t even notice. It’s a blur of the same day over an over. Those dark moments were becoming real. Those soul crushing feelings won’t go away. After a while I didn’t know what to do anymore. Maybe you’re making plans to end your life like I did.

But then I realized words have power!

I know it’s hard to think about words when you’re trying to get over the depression and anxiety that cripples you. Stick with me for a minute though. Words are important. What we believe about the words we use changes the meaning they have. Once I started evaluating what kind of words I was letting come in my head, what kind of words I was believing, what kinds of words others shared with me, and the words I was using to describe my experienced…things changed.

Hope and happiness started coming back!

I found that my depression started lifting. It wasn’t overnight but it was getting better. I sought help. It wasn’t easy. Some days were worse than others but it started getting better. Since I nerd out on words I knew I had to change. When I looked at my words, alone, and with others I began experiencing hope. Working with a therapist and making other changes in my life made me feel proud of myself again. Other changes you can make will help you too. Movement helps. Running, walking, martial arts, Yoga, or any kind of extra movement you can sneak in will help. Reducing alcohol consumption. Improving nutrition and sleeping more.

It’s pretty eye opening when you start to feel better and look back at the impact of the words you were using. There’s no shame in fighting for hope, happiness and a better day! Lets start working on your words today.

Other ways I can help…

Maybe depression is not the reason you’re looking for counseling. As a trained mental health professional I also offer Anxiety Counseling, Individual Counseling, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Counseling for Men, and Teen Counseling.

Nicholas Melville LLPC earned his BA in Philosophy and Criminal Justice from Calvin University in 2001. He completed his Masters in Science of Philosophy from Western Michigan University in 2007, and his Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Capella University in 2020. In addition to working at GLWC he also holds the role of Adjunct Professor of Philosophy & Psychology at Grand Rapids Community College.

He loves to spend time with his family and dogs. He nerds out on words and philosophy, and practices Indonesian martial arts.

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