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Sophia Leimgruber, LLMSW

Great Lakes Wellness Counseling – Child Therapy & Teen Counseling Expert

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Hello! I’m Sophia Leimgruber LLMSW

Child Therapy Expert

Sophia Leimgruber LLMSW is one of our Jenison MI counseling expert at Great lakes Wellness Counseling. She provides therapy for children and counseling for teens ages 3-17. Her expertise lies in connecting with kids and teens who need help with trauma, self-esteem, eating disorders, and behavior problems.

I provide therapy for children, teen counseling, and therapy for parents.

Is your child in need of Therapy for Children?

Are you searching for a person your child can truly connect with and share their feelings? Let’s be honest, there are times when talking to mom, dad, or a close friend doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s clear that you’re feeling stuck. Is your child frequently experiencing anger? Are they distancing themselves from loved ones? Do they often complain about unexplained discomfort? Maybe you can’t quite pinpoint it, but you have a sense that something isn’t right. Be assured, I can offer the support your child requires.

Parents, know that you have support!

First and foremost, I want you to know that so many parents out there are going through the exact same emotions you’re feeling. We all have those moments of exhaustion, frustration that leads to saying things we wish we hadn’t, and realizing that parenting doesn’t always match the ideal picture we had in mind.

And, most importantly, please remember that you’re not in this on your own. I’m a parent too, and I’ve been through all the ups and downs – the laughter and those tough times when words hurt and we feel guilty. I get it; I’ve been there.

Lastly, it’s completely normal for little kids to have these intense, sometimes confusing feelings that they can’t quite explain. It’s not just you; it’s something that can leave all of us feeling a bit bewildered at times. But you’re not alone in navigating this journey. We’re in it together.

How I can support your child.

Let’s break it down: I’m all about helping kids open up and use their strengths to deal with whatever life throws at them. I’ll equip your child with the tools to express themselves better, so those meltdowns and tantrums become a thing of the past, whether they’re at home or school. My main goal is to make a safe, supportive space where your child feels heard, and you can have real conversations without worrying about them shutting down or getting upset.

What’s our therapy session like? Well, we start with a quick check-in, dive into some fun but meaningful activities, and end on a high note with something enjoyable. It’s all about giving kids a consistent and familiar space to thrive. And trust me, we’re not just twiddling our thumbs for an hour – what we do in our sessions really makes a difference.

A note for teens and young adults

I get it, life can be a rollercoaster. The everyday grind can make you feel like you’re in need of a breather or a fresh perspective. Maybe you’re dealing with relationship stuff and could use some guidance there. Whether it’s the stress of school, college, or the demands of work, it can all get pretty overwhelming. Do you ever feel like you’re screaming into the void, but no one’s really listening? Or perhaps you’re wrestling with emotions like anxiety, sadness, or frustration. It’s all okay; we can chat about it.

Talking to a specialist who understands teens and young adults, like me, can really make a difference. Let’s start this journey together towards a calmer, more serene you. Sure, it might be a bit tough at first to see the changes you’re hoping for, but they’ll come. With time, you’ll gain a better handle on your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a healthy way. It might mean making some tricky decisions or putting in effort in areas of life you’ve been neglecting, but the transformation will be totally worth it.

Other  Jenison MI counseling services I provide.

Child therapy or teen counseling may not be the reason you’re looking for counseling. As a trained mental health professional I also provide Anxiety Counseling, Women’s Counseling, Counseling for Adults, and Teen Counseling.

Change may be hard to see at first, but it will come. You’ll gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and the transformation will be worth it. Schedule an appointment today and let’s embark on this journey together.


A little more about Sophia Leimgruber, LLMSW.

Sophia earned her BA in Social Work from Ferris State University, and completed her Masters in Social Work through the advanced Social Work Master’s program at Grand Valley State Univerisy. She has previously worked in child learning centers, Easterseals of Michigan, Domestic Assault Response Teams, and other outpatient settings. All of these experiences have given her the knowledge and experiences she hopes to bring to each person supports at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling.

When she is not in the office she spends time with her boyfriend and her pets. She enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

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