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You’re looking for answers because something is missing right now. For a while life was good but you sense something has changed. You’re frustrated and sick of it. You find yourself just staring off into the distance between moments knowing you want to change. You know you could do things differently. You’ve been trying to figure out how to solve the problem but you get stuck.  Sometimes you make some progress but it just goes back to the way it was. You know things can be different, that you could be happier so You finally decided you’re going to get help! 

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At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling we believe that Everyone Can Benefit From Counseling or coaching sessions with skilled and caring wellness professionals. Our expert therapists and counselors provide you with a comfortable space Where You Will Be Heard and Listened To. We’re extremely selective about the counselors and staff that represent the “Great Lakes Wellness Counseling” name. We know it can be difficult to ask for help. We want you to know we’ve got your back. We really do want to help you so You Can Experience Happiness, Wellness, and Satisfaction In Your Career, Relationships, and Life.Contact us to learn how a partnership with a caring and experienced counselor or coach can help you.

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