Grandville Counseling from Great Lakes Wellness CounsellingGreat Lakes Wellness Counseling welcomes you to our practice.  When you need Grandville Counseling, we are here for you.  We are dedicated to helping you because we live and share life with you here in West Michigan.

Our goal is to listen well to you so we can work together and help you find real solutions, experience changed lives, and receive expert care for the times when life is overwhelming or complicated.

We offer a safe and judgement free space to talk and think about the situations unique to you.  Our staff of Grandville Counseling professionals are prepared and qualified in providing expert care for adults, couples, and families.

Getting Started

What You Need to Know

Is Grandville Counseling Confidential?

Yes! Your conversations stay confidential and private unless one of the following happens (1) you give us written permission to talk to someone else, or (2) you express intent to hurt yourself, to hurt others others, or tell us about minors, the elderly, or those with disabilites who are being harmed.

How Do I Pay for This?

This can be different for everyone and for different reasons. However most people pay out of pocket or use their insurance benefits. It can be confusing sometimes to figure out the best way to do this. If you have questions about how to pay for counseling just ask us.

What Will We Do?

During your first visit we review paperwork that enables us to understand your unique needs for counseling. We then usually meet once a week or so for about an hour. Together we develop an individual plan that addresses your unique needs and reasons for counseling. We work on that plan until we think we’ve solved it. That’s it!

Counseling Blog

A lot of people are living with anxiety and worry.  Life just seems to rush by faster and faster.  Anxious living is commonplace in America.  Every day there seems to be a multitude of things we end up worrying about and it doesn’t seem to stop. Most who struggle with this know they do.  Unfortunately […]

Depression during the holidays and winter months can be difficult to manage. It’s a real struggle that many of us experience. It can be worse for some and less bothersome for others. In northern states like ours, Michigan, some of this can be attributed to the lack of sunlight.  Many of us here go to […]

When the holidays roll around all of our holiday anxiety shows up for its seasonal appearance.  Will it win an Oscar this year from you gracefully having a meltdown or panic attack on your way to a party?  Maybe your anxiety is so strong you become a holiday hermit and no one sees you until […]

Relationships need a boost every now and then.  Romance takes work.  Life gets busy and there will be a time where you wonder how you can reclaim your romance.  This post speaks to some of the foundational components in relationships that can set you up for the romantic comeback story you will want to share. […]

Depression is nothing new.  However, I think more attention needs to be paid to depression in relationships.  It obviously effects the person you’re in relationship with.  It also can impact you.  However, I’m not sure many people realize the the negative effects of depression on their relationship, especially if they are in one. You may […]

Grandville Counseling from Great Lakes Wellness Counseling

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