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Great Lakes Wellness Counseling provides expert mental health counseling in Jenison MI and beyond for individuals, couples, and teens.

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Does this sound like you?

You’re not happy right now. You just don’t enjoy life like you used to. Life used to be fun and exciting. At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling we want you to feel good again and experience the life you imagined.

The peace and calm is gone. Knowing what to do next seems distant. You don’t even know who you are anymore. On the inside there could be anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, doubt, frustration, or dissatisfaction with life. You don’t know why.

You feel stuck. You’re trying to make changes but none of them work. It’s exhausting you. You’re sick and tired of it. You want to heal and break free from what is holding you back.

It’s time for a change!

Are you ready? At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling we believe everyone needs to be heard and listened to. Our therapists offer you safe comfortable spaces where you can say whatever you want.

We can help. You will rediscover hope and start moving forward in life again. When you work with our Jenison counseling experts life will get better.

Get started now. All the pressure will fade away. Life will start to feel normal again. You can enjoy life and be the happy you were not too long ago!

What happens in counseling?

First, when you begin therapy with Great Lakes Wellness Counseling we use the first appointment or two to get to know you.

Second, we learn about changes you want to make in your life to help you find the relief you’re looking for.

Third, you will make a plan with your counselor to help you accomplish your goal for counseling. Additionally it’s important to know the counseling in Jenison therapy team uses evidenced based counseling and current therapy techniques.

Finally, we think it is good to let you know that therapy isn’t always serious. Often, there is laughter, a sense of familiarity, and the comfortability you would expect when someone who genuinely cares walks with you through life.

Counseling in Jenison MI that works!

At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling our Jenison Counseling team offers treatment that works. We successfully help many people just like you regain control of their lives and win back the day! When you work with our counseling experts the frustration and hopelessness fades. The pressure is lifted off your shoulders. You feel happy, confident, and like yourself again. The changes you make work! Check out some of the ways our West Michigan counseling clinic can help: Anxiety Counseling, Christian Counseling, Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Teen Therapy, Therapy for Men, Therapy For Women.

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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

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Men and women have their own unique needs and experiences. Sometimes it’s anxiety, depression or trauma. Other times it’s a frustrating relationship or career. We solution focused strategies to address your personal struggles.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

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You want to fall in love all over again. Maybe you just need help learning how actually listen to one another and stop the fighting. Lets get that happily ever marriage you’ve always wanted today.

Teen Therapy

Teen Therapy

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A day in the life of a teen and parents is not always easy. It’s frustrating for everyone. If you just don’t know what to anymore we’ve got your back. We work with you to find the right tools to manage life effectively.

I’m ready for change now!