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Today your choosing to redefine your life with hope!

First, at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling our Jenison MI counseling and therapy experts want to help you experience hope. Our West Michigan counseling and therapy providers desire to help you find practical, real life solutions for the changes in your life you are looking to make.

We provide provide the following services at our West Michigan counseling clinicAnxiety Counseling, Christian Counseling, Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Teen Therapy, Therapy for Men, Therapy For Women.

counseling in Jenison MI 49428

We want to make each encounter with you a positive one.

Second, we have a variety of expert professional counseling and mental health team members. Each counselor has their own personality, style and treatment methods.

The best work in counseling happens when you and your counselor feel like you can work well together.

Similarly, we don’t want you to feel pressured into an experience that won’t be helpful. So our team members will invite you to meet a few times to make sure you ‘click’ with your mental health provider.

However, sometimes you may not be a good fit for each other. This happens sometimes, and it’s OK. If this happens we simply offer you the ability to meet with another one of our providers. If one is not available for you we can provide you with a referral for another office.

We believe you shouldn’t have to wait!

Sometimes we hear about clients having to wait weeks to get an appointment with other counseling groups and therapy providers. Others tell us they contacted another counseling office and no one reaches back out to them. This is not OK. In fact, it’s unhelpful.

As a result, we will contact you within the first 24 hours you contact us -or- the next business day if you reach us on the weekend. In other words, no more waiting to hear back from people when you need the help we can give. Current clients and those who want to schedule immediately can access our client portal here.

In addition, our Grand Rapids counseling experts often have flexible appointment times which may include evenings and weekend hours.

counseling in Jenison MI 49428

And we have an awesome team of providers!

Our Grand Rapids MI counseling professionals know that you trust us to help you with some of your deepest needs.

For that reason alone, we engage in continuing education, use evidenced based practices, and explore innovative ways to help.

We don’t take that lightly which is why we can confidently say we are experts in our chosen fields of practice.

Sophia Leimgruber LLMSW

Sophia Leimgruber LLMSW

Child Therapy, Teen Counseling, Therapy for Parents

Sophia Leimgruber LLMSW, our expert at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling in Jenison, MI, specializes in therapy for children and counseling for teens aged 3-17. She excels in helping kids and teens dealing with trauma, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, and behavior problems.



Nathan Hansen LPC

Nathan Hansen LPC

Owner/Founder, Anxiety Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Young Adult Counseling, Counseling for Professionals

Nathan Hansen LPC also provides counseling for men’s issues, therapy for women, and those seeking help to be free from negative thinking patterns.  He also understands the unique needs of entrepreneurs and working professionals. Many like his direct no nonsense approach.

Amber Carowick LLMSW

Amber Carowick LLMSW

Counseling for Kids, Counseling for Teens, Adult Counseling

Amber Carowick is the Jenison MI counseling for kids expert at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling. She provides help for frustrated kids and parents. She also provides therapy for teens and counseling for young adults as they face the often day to day uncertainty of life.


Nicholas Melville LLPC

Nicholas Melville LLPC

Depression Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Counseling for Teens, Marriage Counseling

Nicholas Melville LLPC is the Jenison MI depression counseling expert at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling. He also helps provides relief from anxiety, confidence for teens, and improves communication in relationships. He loves how words have meaning and help us frame out how we view the world. He helps others find peace, communicate better and feel in control of their lives again.


Bradley Stalker LLPC

Bradley Stalker LLPC

Couples Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Career Counseling

Bradley Stalker LLPC is the Jenison MI couples counseling expert at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling. He brings a very calm and relaxing vibe in session that helps couples relax. Brad is also easy to talk to for those who struggle with career choices. He walks along side those who struggle with substance abuse and addictions counseling needs to help them find the life they want.


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