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Couples Counseling - Therapists in Jenison

Why couples counseling?

You feel further and further apart as each day passes. All you do is argue. You feel like roommates. Maybe you don’t have the same ideas about how to spend your time, how your sex life should be, or maybe you have parenting problems? Do you feel numb or find yourself wondering ‘what happened to us?’

You already know relationships have ups and downs. Chances are you’re experiencing one of those down moments right now. You’ve reached the point where enough is enough and you want a change. If you and your partner want to experience the most impact in your relationship, research says the earlier you start with counseling the more positive outcomes you’ll experience from it.

Your relationship with your spouse or partner should be an incredibly positive force in your life.  Within this relationship you should be feeling safe, loved, and listened to.

Maybe you don’t have an major issues but you want to learn how to communicate better? Maybe you want to manage your conflict better and stop arguing all the time? Perhaps you just want a deeper connection.

Wether you are experiencing the ‘for better’ or ‘for worse’ right now Great Lakes Wellness Counseling Jenison Couples Counseling is here to help.

Don't delay in getting help!

Wether you’ve been together for a few months or longer than you remember, couples counseling can be extremely valuable. It can be a key element to the overall success of your relationship satisfaction. Couples counseling is frequently overlooked by those who have made it through rough patches before. Sometimes couples overlook issues which can hurt them in the long run if it’s not taken care of now. Other times, couples find themselves stuck and unable to see past the fog of their problem when the solution is within reach. Don’t let your small problems or your willingness to get help prevent you from having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Sadly, many couples come in when it’s too late, the damage is done, and the relationship is not able to be saved. This doesn’t have to be you! Yes, it’s true, you can’t turn back time. But, you can reimagine your relationship and have the happily ever after again!

What are the results from couples counseling?

A lot of the time the problems couples develop is a result from one or both people’s attempts to meet a healthy need in an unhealthy and destructive way.  Jenison couples counseling experts help couples identify their needs and coach them on how to really communicate, actually listen to one another, and be understood.   

Couples counseling can be tough at first because you’re learning a new way to interact with one another. When couples learn productive ways to manage conflict, they find it brings the relief they’ve been looking for.  

It’s not uncommon in session for couples to experience and express love, affection, understanding, gratitude, and kindness toward one another. They find they want to spend time with one another.  The amount of sex they have or the quality of their sex life increases. Conflict is managed with confidence. Expectations are shared and created together.  

Couples who work with our Jenison couples counseling experts feel more confident.  They experience hope and look forward to a better tomorrow.  They feel stronger and prepared to handle whatever comes their way. 

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