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Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Now is the time to get marriage counseling!

You want to your marriage to work. You wish your marriage was better.

Do you keep having the same argument over and over? Why does it feel like I’m living with my roommate?  rather than a married couple usually does? Maybe you love your spouse but no longer feel in love.  Marriage counseling can help.

Some of you reading this might be wondering if it’s too late for marriage counseling. Has there been too much pain, frustration, and loneliness? Do you constantly feel misunderstood? How did my spouse become my enemy when they used to be my soulmate?

Maybe things are going terrible. Or, you just sense that something needs work. Is your marriage missing something? 

You remember talking for hours, going on dates, holding hands. You felt like an unstoppable parenting team. What happened to sex? We used to enjoy it. Now it feels like a chore. We’re not having as much sex. Why?

What happened? Where did my “happily ever after” go?

How can counseling for marriages help?

One of the biggest ways Jenison marriage counseling experts can help is by helping couples regain or start using helpful communication patterns.  

Our team and couples therapy experts helps you learn how to really listen to your spouse and be listened to. Both of you will feel loved.

Couples counseling helps those who are married or in a relationship get to know one another deeper, solve perpetual problems about money, sex, and parenting. We help you create a space for forgiveness to grow. For deeper connections to be made. To rebuild and increase trust.  

You’ll learn how to get to know one another again. The emotional connection you had will come back.  When you look at your spouse or partner you’ll see an ally not an enemy. Managing conflict will become easier. Then you will learn to create shared goals and help one another’s life dreams come true.

Spouses with great relationships work on it. They take care of their marriage and seek out professional support to make sure their relationship lasts. This is exactly how a Jenison marriage counseling expert can help you.

How does marriage counseling work?

First couples generally experience a sense of relief, often after the first session, because you know you did the right thing! Our marriage counseling experts us a variety of researched based approaches to marriage counseling techniques such as Emotion Focused Therapy and The Gottman Method.

Typically marriage counseling or couples counseling involves you, your spouse and the marriage therapist. We view your relationship as the main focus.  Both of you are important but the main point is to get you your happily ever after. A significant part of marriage counseling involves your counselor observing and guiding you through conflict management and structured ways to communicate with one another.

Couples counseling is an interactive process. It requires dedication and participation. It requires patience and perseverance.

Yes, it can be bumpy, tear filled, and hard to do but in the end it’s worth it. Results tend to be feeling more love for your spouse. Walking on eggshells goes away. Arguments stop before they get out of hand. Listening will be important to both of you. You will feel heard, appreciated, and loved.


Will marriage counseling help?

Yes it will, but only if you’re fully committed to the process. The success rate of marriage counseling depends on you! 

We can’t put an exact number on it (roughly 75% effective) but research shows most success found in counseling depends on you! If you and your partner are fully dedicated to the process and ready to do the work you will find success. Our marriage and couples counselors are professionally trained and equipped to help you win their heart back.

However, please don’t go to marriage counseling if all you are doing is checking off a box to say you did it or if you’re just going through the motions so you can get divorced or to prove a point. Yes, we did say don’t go but not to be discouraging but to tell you what we have experienced in our years of helping couples. We want to help your relationship. We don’t want you to waste your time, our time, and your money. On occasion it’s better for you and your partner to attend individual counseling first then attend couples counseling. That’s ok too. Our team that can help you with individual counseling also.

Let use help you find the way to long lasting love.

What are you waiting for?!