Counseling and Therapy for Teenagers - Jenison Teen Therapy

Does my teen need therapy?

A day in the life of a teen or a parent of a teen is no walk in the park. Teens face new challenges, drama, and unique stressors every day. Many teens have good intentions. Sometimes they just need support and mentoring to succeed. At some point in your child’s education they may struggle academically, socially, and emotionally. If a struggle or problem at school, work, or home does not go away, it is time to meet with a Jenison teen therapy and counseling expert.

As a parent I’m sure you remember your teenage years. Things were different for you. However, it’s still a time of new changes and pressures for them too.

What is teen therapy?

Here at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling, our Jenison teen therapy and counseling experts look at the whole person and their unique needs. We consider physical changes such as bodyweight, hormone levels, the menstrual cycle, and developments in their brains. Teen therapy can address identity changes, decision making skills, motivation issues, and how they view life. Peer pressures, friend group changes, high academic work loads, new responsibilities, and social media use are just a few of the areas teen therapy can help manage.

How do we do teen therapy?

First, we will collaborate with both the parent/guardian and the teen. Sessions will usually be one-on-one between the teen and the Jenison teen therapy and counseling mental health provider. This may be frustrating to you as a parent but trust us, this boundary works wonders in helping teens feel in control and invested in the process. Then, some information may be given to you with teen’s consent.  Additionally, if harm to self or others is disclosed (e.g., self harm or suicidal thinking) we will share this with you to help keep your teen safe. When your teen knows their privacy is kept, it’s helpful to the progress you’re looking to have happen.

What benefits will Great Lakes Wellness Counseling teen therapy have?

Changes will show up. As a parent we know that you want to see changes right away so life at home will calm down more. It will, but probably slower than you think and that’s OK. It’s ok for you to be nervous about that but trust the process. There’s a time period where your teen will decide if they want to be real with themselves and the teen therapy expert. They test us just like they test you.

Evidenced based practices our therapists use will help your teen control their emotions better and communicate more. Other awesome side effects are better decision making, increased motivation to study more, respecting you and other authority figures, make new friends, and the creation and  maintenance of healthy habits. We’re watching out for you and your teen’s wellbeing, it’s our priority! So go ahead, right now, click below to get started.