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Amber Carowick, LLMSW

Great Lakes Wellness Counseling – Child Therapy & Teen Counseling Expert

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Hello! I’m Amber Carowick LLMSW

Therapy for Children Expert

Amber Carowick LLMSW is the Jenison MI counseling expert at Great lakes Wellness Counseling. She provides therapy for children, counseling for teens , and young adult counseling. She is an expert in teaching children and teens coping skills for anxiety, anger management, and behavior difficulties. She helps young adults find confidence in world that is often confusing.

I provide therapy for children, teens, and young adults.

My child needs counseling!

Are you looking for someone for your child to just talk to or confide in? If we’re honest, just talking to mom, dad or another trusted friend or family member just isn’t enough sometimes. One thing is for sure though, you’re feeling stuck. Is your child angry all the time? Do they seem to be pulling away from friends and family? Maybe they complain a lot about aches and pains that have no explanation. Perhaps you can’t put your finger on it but you know something is off. I can help.

Parents, you’re not alone!

First, I want you to know many parents feel the same way you do right now. You’re tired. You’ve probably cried your eyes out, yelled when frustrated, and said things you regret. Right now, parenting is not what you imagined. Second, I want you know that you’re not alone. I have children of my own and I’ve experienced what you have too. Both the good times of laughter and fun. And, the rough times of hurtful words, hurt feelings, and guilt. I get it. Thirdly, it’s normal for your young kids to have BIG feelings, feelings that they don’t understand, or feelings that make no sense to you. This can be overwhelming for you the parent(s), and the whole family. 

How I can help your child.

I always allow a child to speak freely about what is bothering them and problem solve using their strengths! I can help your child to be successful in using helpful coping skills to communicate how they feel to avoid anger outbursts in the home and school. I want to help you have a healthy relationship with your child where they feel that they feel safe and heard but also you can safely communicate how you feel to them without feeling defeated from your child walking away for lashing out. Most of my sessions start with a check in. Then, we do the hard work. Lastly, we end with something fun. This helps create familiarity and consistency in child therapy. Parents find this approach helpful to know. We are not just playing games for an hour.

A note for teens and young adults

I know life can be hard. There are a lot of pressures you face every day. Sometimes you feel stuck and you just want to be left alone. Maybe you just need a different perspective. Or, there’s a relationship problem that’s going on and you need some advice on how to solve it. School, college, or work could be a tough place to be at right now and you’re not sure why. Does it seem like you’re screaming at the top of your lungs but no one can hear you? Are you anxious, sad, frustrated, or freaking out about something? It’s OK. We can talk about that.

Meeting with a teen therapy expert or young adult counselor like me can help. It would be great to share life and go on a journey together that ends in the calm and peace you’re looking for. It might be hard to see the change you want at first but it will happen. After a while you’ll be able to to make more sense of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a healthy way. You may have to make some tough choices or put some effort in some ignored areas of life but it will be worth it!

Other  Jenison MI counseling services I provide.

Child therapy or teen counseling may not be the reason you’re looking for counseling. As a trained mental health professional I also Family Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Christian Counseling, Women’s Counseling, Counseling for Adults, and Teen Counseling.

I am also able to provide faith based Christian Counseling for those who wish to incorporate or include that in their counseling experience with me. If this is something you would like please let me know when we meet for the first time.

A little more about Amber Carowick, LLMSW.

Amber earned her BA in Social Work from Grand Valley State University in 2012, and completed her Masters in Social Work from Indiana University in 2019. She has previously worked in public school systems, with senior care organizations, and provided home based counseling. All of these experiences have given her the knowledge and experiences she hopes to bring to each person supports at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling.

When she is not in the office she spends time with her husband, two kids, and hangs out with neighborhood friends. She especially enjoys traveling to the family cabin for boating, fishing, and reading a good book. She’s a die-hard Lions fan and enjoys holistic wellness, natural wellness, and baking all things sourdough!

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