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Grief is a difficult thing to experience, process, and talk about. A lot of the time grief isn’t talked about because we don’t know how to talk about it or what to talk about. Many of us have experienced different types of grief from the loss of a loved one, a pet, or a relationship. We’re familiar with feelings of loss and sadness. Of heartache and loneliness. Then we’re faced with how to deal with grief caused by different types of loss too. However, we don’t always have the right words to describe what kind of grief we’re experiencing.

6 Different Types of Grief

Just as there are different ways to grieve, there are also different types of grief that we see at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling. In fact, there are many types of grief. A few of the more common forms will be covered in this blog. These forms of grief are likely to be the types we may have experienced or encountered most often.

Abbreviated grief

Abbreviated grief is the type of grief that doesn’t last as long as expected. This may happen when there’s death after a terminal illness or because there wasn’t a closeness to the person who died. Examples of abbreviated grief include a child grieving the loss of a distant relative or someone they didn’t know well. Or, when someone finds love too after the divorce, death, or loss of a loved one.

Image of a woman sitting on a park bench in front of a lake. Showing what some of the types of grief can look like. If you feel lonely like that grief counseling with a counselor can help in Grand Rapids, MI.

Absent grief

Absent grief is when someone doesn’t show any signs of grief. This may happen when there’s shock, denial, or disbelief. Sometimes those experiencing this type of grief seem like they are not affected by their loss.

Anticipatory grief

This happens in anticipation of the death of someone with a chronic illness. This is unique because it is experienced by loved ones and the dying person. This form of grief can be found in those who have lost independence or an ability such as an elderly person who is no longer able to drive, or a veteran who lost a limb and cannot walk anymore.

Black and white image of a woman pouring tea. Showing someone who is trying to get over one of the types of grief in Grand Rapids, MI. It is easier with a grief counselor in Grand Rapids, MI.

Chronic grief

Typically the symptoms of grief lessen. This varies from person to person in duration but eventually, it subsides or will flare up once in a while. This type of grief is noticeable to a person’s loved ones or grief counselor because the person doesn’t show any steps toward resuming their normal life.

Exaggerated grief

Exaggerated grief can be recognized by the behavior the grieving person engages in and continues. The grieving person engages in self-destructive behaviors such as drinking too much, substance abuse. They may also experience suicidal thoughts, nightmares, irrational fears, etc.

Normal grief

This is a normal response to the death of a spouse, best friend, or other loved one. As we’ve shared before, everyone’s grieving process is different. However, the following common things may happen. Emotional responses to grief include shock, confusion, sadness, anger, depression, and feeling lost. being tired, being unable to focus or concentrate, and having difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep. Physical symptoms of normal grief could be decreased appetite,

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Get Support for All Types of Grief With Grief Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI

Grief can take many forms and can be impacted by the type of loss you’re experiencing. There’s no “right” or “correct” way to grieve. And, it’s not an easy journey.

Loss can often be overwhelming. You may feel stuck, alone, or even hopeless and discouraged. Your soul may be aching. There’s no shame in wanting to talk with someone and reaching out for help. Grief counseling at Great Lakes Wellness Counseling can offer you confidential, compassionate support as you grieve. Our caring grief counselors can help you identify your grief and provide a space for you to talk with someone about your grief and how it’s impacting you.

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In order to help you regain control of your life we have several specialties that can help you win back the day! This includes Anxiety Treatment as well as Depression Therapy. Along with specialized support through Christian Counseling, supportive Therapy for Men, and Therapy For Women.

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