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A sad teen sits alone on a bed with arms wrapped around their legs. Learn how a depression therapist in Grand Rapids, MI can help you address teenage issues. Search for a teen counselor in Grand Rapids, MI to learn more about the benefits of teen counseling in Grand Rapids, MI.The teen years can perhaps be best described as a time of physical, emotional, and social tumult. Changes happen so rapidly in adolescence, that neither child nor parent really knows how to cope.

Teenagers often become more detached from their families during this time. In fact, parents become less important in their teenager’s eyes, as their life outside the family develops.

While this is a normal and healthy part of development, it is not an easy place for parents to be. They must be able to let go of their children while still recognizing the warning signs of adolescent depression. This can be difficult because some moodiness is normal during the teenage years.

Here are 5 signs that your teen may be suffering from atypical depression and asking for help.

1. Mood Swings

As I just mentioned, thanks to the cocktail of hormones suddenly surging through a teenager’s body, it is quite normal for them to have mood swings. So how can you tell what’s normal and what is a sign of mental illness? You have to trust your parental instincts here. You know your child better than anyone and should be able to recognize any significant shift in mood. Particularly look for mood shifts that seem to have no root cause.

2. A Change in Behavior

A teen sits on their bed with a hoodie covering ther face as their mother watches from the door. This could represent the support offered via teen counseling in Grand Rapids, MI. Learn more about teen counseling Jenison, MI an how a therapist in Grand Rapids can help.  It is normal for a teenager to have a certain kind of behavioral change. Normal changes include challenging authority a bit more and claiming their independence. What’s not normal is for your child to suddenly start presenting as a different person to you. This can be a sign of depression.

3. Substance Abuse

Most teens experiment a bit with drugs and alcohol. But you should see red flags if your teenager is chronically abusing substances and coming home drunk or high on a fairly regular basis. It is especially important to act immediately if your family has a history of substance abuse.

4. Self-Harm

Those teens who are experiencing significant emotional turmoil may choose to take their emotions out on themselves by cutting, hitting, or hurting themselves in some other manner.

5. Talk of Suicide

While teenagers can definitely be prone to drama and overreacting to events, no parent should ever ignore talk of suicide. With teen suicide rates on the rise, particularly among girls, any mention or attempt should immediately result in professional help.

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A teen smiles while gesticulating and sitting across from a woman with a clipboard. This could represent the support a teen counselor in Grand Rapids, MI can offer in addressing metal health concerns. Search for teen counseling near me to learn more.  If you or someone you know has a teenager who is showing one or more of these signs and would like to explore treatment options, please be in touch. Our team would be happy to discuss how we might be able to help you and your teen. You can learn more about the benefits of working with Great Lakes Wellness Counseling by following these steps:

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