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“It takes a village to raise a child,” a common African proverb that basically means the upbringing and well-being of a child is a responsibility shared by the community. Children are often the heart of our families and will be the new backbone of our communities. Their well-being is incredibly important for their overall growth. We all know that kids face challenges and struggles while they are growing up. Even as you’re reading this you’re probably thinking of some of the struggles that you faced when you were younger. Maybe you had a parent, grandparent, uncle, or other family help you through your challenging time. Others of you might have had a coach, a mentor, or even a therapist work with you as you were growing up figuring out life. Still, others reading this may not have had anyone to help you and yet you persevered!

For many of us, we had someone help us identify our superpower. It will help you get through a tough time. Well, that’s where therapy comes in! Therapy for children can kind of be their superpower. Therapy can be a special place where they can share their thoughts, feelings, and worries without fear of getting in trouble or being judged. It also helps them learn how to handle tough situations and manage life’s ups and downs. This article explores the life-changing benefits of therapy for children. It also speaks to why it’s super important to help kids with their mental health early on.

The Importance of Mental Health in Children

The mental health of kids is becoming more and more important! It affects how they think, feel, and get along with others. Unfortunately, many children face mental health struggles and challenges. Such as feeling anxious, sad, or worried. These challenges can make it harder for them to be happy and succeed in different areas of life. Especially life at home, at school, and with friends.

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Therapy for Children as a Powerful Strategy for Success

Child therapy is a great way to help children with their mental health struggles. If you’re a Star Wars fan, a therapist is like a Yoda for kids— someone who’s trained to listen and understand kids in a very specific way. Therapists who work with children use different ways to help them, like playing games, coloring, or drawing. They know how to help kids feel comfortable and safe so they can talk about their thoughts and feelings.

One of the great benefits of therapy for children is that it teaches kids important skills to handle tough times. Therapists can help children learn how to:
  • manage their worries
  • control their feelings
  • feel good about themselves
  • solve problems
  • communicate with others
 Starting therapy for children early can help catch and fix problems before they get worse. It can also help them deal with tough things that happen in their lives. Maybe, like when their parents separate or when someone they love passes away. They could also be having problems focusing at school or completing homework. It can improve the parent-child relationship as well. 

Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Therapy for children helps them become stronger and increases their emotional intelligence. Therapy can be like gym class for their minds, hearts, and relationships with others! By talking and playing in therapy, kids learn more about themselves, their feelings, and how they react in different situations. Therapists teach them ways to manage stress, find positive ways to cope, and be kind to themselves. They help them talk respectfully to parents too. 

An adult coloring with a child. There are different techniques that child therapists use to support them! Find therapy for children today.
At Great Lakes Wellness Counseling, we make therapy a safe place where children can talk about their experiences without the fear of getting in trouble with their parents. It can also help them make sense of these events while decreasing the likelihood of experiencing long-term problems
Therapy for children is a great place where children learn how to understand other people’s feelings. They can also become better problem solvers. This helps them have good relationships with friends and family. The skills they learn in therapy can continue to help them in their adult life. 

Therapy for Children Can Also Help Collaborate with Families and Schools

Therapy is not just about the child and the therapist—it’s a team effort! Child therapists work closely with parents and caregivers to help children even when they’re not in therapy. They give parents ideas, “homework” and support to continue the good work at home. When parents and therapists work together, it benefits the children even more.

We know that teachers are also important in a child’s life. So, parents may allow therapists to talk with them, coaches, principals, or other school professionals as well. They share ideas on how to create a positive and supportive environment in the classroom, halls, on the field, or the playground. Everyone can support the child’s mental health in different places by working together. 

Therapy for children can give them some of the tools they need to navigate challenges, become stronger, and find happiness. It can also provide some of these things for parents or other caregivers in the child’s life. Therapy for children provides a welcoming space where they can express themselves freely. At the same time, they are learning important skills to manage emotions. Therapy will help your child understand their experiences and build resilience. We create a strong support system that extends beyond the therapy room by working with parents and schools. It guides and enriches young minds, setting them on a path to thrive and contribute to the world around them. With child therapy, we can ensure that children’s mental health is supported and nurtured to benefit them! 

Child holding their parents' pinky finger. Participating in child therapy can improve the relationship between you and your child. Let us guide you towards this positive outcome.

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